The whole is less than the sum of its parts.


































Anna Daniell ,Sverre Gullesen, Karl Eivind Jørgensen,

Carl Mannov, Madeleine Noraas





15. juni 14.00- 17.00

16. juni 12.00 -16.00

22.juni 12.00 – 16.00

23.juni 12.00 – 16.00


Open by appointment week 25 and 26.



She Will’s forth exhibition brings together five artists working with a sculptural practice that relates to contemporary realism in a material-based way. The works on display are process-oriented with a close attention to craftsmanship.



The title of the exhibition is borrowed from the book Being Ecological by Timothy Morton, in which he writes: «If everything exists in the same way, that means that wholes exist in the same way as their parts, which means that there are always more parts than there is a whole—which means that the whole is always less than the sum of its parts».



In the exhibition, the sculptures and their materiality are aligned with the existing fixtures and fittings in the car wash. This idea, inspired by object-orientated ontology, gives each element equality, and can be transferred to contexts such as materiality, locality, and vulnerability. In the text “Unbroken Return,” Ingrid Halland reflects on the title and theme of the exhibition.






Essay is available to read here.



ANNA DANIELL (b.1978) lives and works in Oslo.

Daniell works with sculpture, text, film, performance and photo. Through her work, Daniell wants to challenge the way we look at sculptures, while trying to bring the sculptures closer to us, our lives and our feelings. She holds a Master's degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, KHIO. In addition to participation at  Oslo Biennale 2019/20, the following exhibitions are worth mentioning: Emma & William at Gallery F15 (2018), The Locals at the Norwegian Sculpture Biennale, the Vigeland Museum (2017), Sculpture club, solo exhibition at Podium, Oslo (2017), The Flock of Problems, Cabaret der Kunstler, Manifesta 11, Zurich, Kunstnernes Hus and Stavanger Kunstmuseum (2016)


SVERRE GULLESEN (b. 1980) has a degree from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Arts Visuels de la Cambre in Brussels and the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo (KHiO). Gullesen works primarily with sculpture, performance and social choreography. Together with Kristian Øverland Dahl and Steinar Haga Kristensen, he ran the performative Gallery D.O.R. and the artist group D.O.R from 2006–2016. Gullesen has held several board positions, including chairman at UKS and Kunstnernes Hus.


KARL EIVIND JØRGENSEN (b.1995, Oslo) has a BFA from  Malmö Art Academy, (starts his MFA at Malmö Art Academy in the fall). His body of work mainly consist of sculpture in various forms and is interested in the role of physical objects in cognitive processes. He has participated in the following exhibitions: BFA Graduation Exhibition at KHM Gallery, Malmö, Sweden (2019), Annual Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Malmö, Sweden (2018), Sculpture Park Haven Malmö, Sweden (2017) and Østlandsutstillingen, Akershus Art Center, Lillestrøm, Norway (2016).


CARL MANNOV  (b.1990 Copenhage), works with painting, sculpture and installation. He graduated with an MFA from Oslo in 2016 and has since exhibited internationally such as in ‘Statements’ at Art Basel Miami Beach, ‘Plant B’ curated by Komplot and Toke Lykkeberg in Brussels, Painting & Phenomenology at Salzburger Kunstverein and the Norwegian Sculpture Biennal 2017.

He is currently represented by Standard (Oslo) and Christian Andersen in Copenhagen.


MADELEINE NORAAS (b. 1991 Kristiansand), lives and works in Malmö and Oslo. Madeleine works mainly with sculpture and video, exploring themes of identity and geography, as well as digital media and the object's communication skills. She took her Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts this year at the Malmö Art Academy.


Essay by:

INGRID HALLAND (b. 1988) is an art historian and critic currently working as Associate Professor at the Department of Art and Media Studies, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). She holds a doctorate in art history from the University of Oslo with a focus on postmodern architecture and design. In both her research and her critical practice Halland addresses problems closely associated with art theory, the history of ideas, aesthetics, and continental philosophy.



She Will is a temporary art space and studio in a partially closed down petrol station in central Ski. This is run by Maren Dagny Juell and Liv Tandrevold Eriksen. The car Wash is used as a gallery where most of the interior and structure is retained as a framework.


Ski is only 22 minutes from Oslo Central Station by train and is on the same train line as Moss and can therefore be combined with a trip to Momentum.

She Will is just a minute's walk from the station, parking is easily accessible and the premises are wheelchair friendly.


The exhibition is funded by Norsk Kulturråd and Ski Kommune.



Carl Mannov

Anna Daniell

Anna Daniell

Madeleine Noraas

Madeleine Noraas

Karl Eivind Jørgensen

Karl Eivind Jørgensen

Sverre Gullesen